here's the denim unspun process...

denim unspun's mission

we are driven by both our planet and by you, and we think that you go hand-in-hand. we want to celebrate you, your uniqueness, your form, and your identity, which is why we build denim jeans around your body, exactly for you. we know that our jeans should fit your body, not your body trying to fit run-of-the-mill jeans (literally). fortunately, by only making product when it has a home, we create no inventory waste. this is your way to not only celebrate exactly who you are with an insanely good fit, but also support a process that makes sense for the environment. 

when you come to an unspun pop-up, you are in for a new experience! unspun has flipped the current clothing model, instead starting the whole process with you. when you arrive at an unspun pop-up, you will be greeted with a drink, a chair, and some time to chat. we will tell you about how we are able to make your jeans specifically for you. then, we will take you through the 3d imaging process, which is painless and actually quite fun. this technology is what enables us to custom make jeans as if we were stitching around your actual body. the imaging system is comprised of infrared sensors and a rotating disk, which you will stand on. the whole thing takes less than a minute and gives you a ton of information (including 100,000 data points, turning you into a data cloud). this amount of information allows us to be both more efficient and more bespoke than a tailor.

check out the scanner we use.


once your form has been captured, you will choose a fit style and fabric type. we will then run our machine-learning fit algorithms over your 3D image to produce jeans patterns that fit you exactly.

we will get to work making your jeans, starting with laser cutting your patterns from denim...


...and then stitching your jeans patterns together into a pair of jeans that were made exactly for you!